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About The Hotel

Philippeio Hotel, has been constructed with love and respect to nature and the environment, at the highest point of the city of Krinides, overlooking the acropolis of Philippi, the auriferous Pangaio mountain, the Symbol mountain and the unique fertile plains of Philippi.

Visitors are impressed by the strong presence of carved stone in the building, rock-removed from the very same area,  its colors and aesthetic elegance.

The different versions of Greek cuisine, along with careful and detailed presentation of the dishes, selected wines and spirits, pleases even the most demanding customer, for  his choice of the Phillipeion restaurant. 

Hotel Philippeio  is classified as at the highest level of "Green Unit" with minimum pollutants to the environment. Solar energy is used to the maximum via sun-collectors of hot water, photovoltaic cells of electricity, filtration process and desalination of water, energy save management of the latest type and the use of propane fuel.

All visitors are provided with the opportunity of an enjoyable sleep as all rooms are equipped with maximum thermal - sound resistance frames of crude gas, latex mattresses and pillows, mini bar with zero audio emission and handmade artistic interventions. The free parking with CCTV cameras plus safe boxes in the rooms, provide maximum security inside and outside the hotel.